Process, test and measuring instruments

Both expertise and practical experience are required in order to know which instruments are appropriate for each assignment.

Process, test- and measuring instruments

Unique skills and product range

IKM Instrutek has been supplying process, test and measuring instruments for over 30 years. We have developed a unique range of products and a level of technical expertise that enables us to help you as a customer to make the right choice. 

We supply process, test and measuring instruments to all sectors and in every accuracy class. This includes everything from multimeters to high-tech calibrators used in the most advanced laboratories, which means that we can supply the right instrument for the right assignment at the right price.

Competent sales engineers with focus on application
We offer an extensive selection of reliable instruments from a wide range of manufacturers. Our assortment of process, test and measuring instruments allows us to offer solutions for the majority of applications. With our expertise and practical experience, this enables us to provide our customers with optimal guidance in both maritime sector and various industrial processes. 

This helps our customers increase their efficiency and improve product quality.


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