High Voltage Services

Knowledge and responsibility within High Voltage Services

IKM Elektro is a major player in the field of installation, maintenance, and operation of 
electrical high voltage installations. Our service teams are multidisciplinary and have a high level of competence within high voltage electrical equipment and installations. Together with skilled project managers, project engineers, and service technicians, they ensure that the high voltage installations are in compliance with customer expectations and current regulations. This ensures that the high voltage installation, and associated equipment, will work safely and properly.

The Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center

IKM Elektro provides fully managed EPCI contract installation project services, as well as take on a sub-contractor responsibility for individual work packages on major high voltage installation projects. Our full turnkey HV electrical contracting services cover, among others, planning and execution of design, erection, installation, testing, commissioning, energization, operation, and maintenance. These services apply to both new HV electrical installations, as well as refurbishments of older installations.

We find the best solutions for your facility

Our experienced project team provides fully managed, safe and efficient services for on- and 
offshore high voltage installations. Our innovative engineering solutions and project management for complex operations are among our specialties. We have extensive experience in designing, installing, constructing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining high voltage electrical infrastructure projects. This includes the fields of wind energy, hydro energy, and energy battery storage solutions.

Why choose us?

IKM Elektro’s competitive strength is the ability to provide the best combination of personnel, experience, and suitable assets as a solution to our Client’s high voltage challenges. We are familiar with all types of high voltage cables and systems installed within the on- and offshore industry. Our experienced technicians and engineers combine best practices with a wide-ranging knowledge of cables, equipment, and accessories to provide efficient, mitigated risk solutions to our clients. Working closely with our clients is fundamental to our approach, to ensure risk reduction and to meet the specifications for delivery of the best possible service at any given location or installation.

Our experience and knowledge are for the customer’s benefit.