Everything is connected

IKM Electro conducts inspection, maintenance and repair by using a multidisciplinary team – where possible. Having both electromechanical and Ex-electrical discipline in place increases technical flexibility. Upon notification or indication of errors, the team has the opportunity to control and rectify the related equipment on site.


Ex inspection in the field and at the workshop 
To be able to draw conclusions about the condition of the electrical rotating equipment, our motor technicians carry out inspections both on land and at sea. Using the information from these examinations, a digital inspection report is produced which is forwarded to the customer - where our recommendations are based on identified nonconformity. 

Ex inspection of related equipment 
Electrical rotating equipment almost always has related equipment nearby. Notifications, alarms or indications of errors do not necessarily come from individual components. They may originate from several places in the facility, and therefore in many cases it would be advisable to inspect the related equipment (junction boxes, control panels, bushings and cables). This is not just to save time, but to avoid potential faults and defects at a later date. 

Multidisciplinary team 
When we perform inspection, maintenance, repair or installation work out in the field – our practice is to send the multidisciplinary team where possible. By having both electromechanical and Ex-electrical disciplines in each team, technical flexibility is increased in the event that the scope of the work is greater than initially assumed. 

Engineering support 
Through a good combination of project managers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, we ensure successful project implementation. We want to be our customers' preferred partner by offering services and personnel who have a good combination of practical and theoretical experience. Through close collaboration with our customers we provide value creation through all phase of the project, and are proud to offer a wide range of services - including inspection, maintenance, overhaul, and repair of electrical rotating equipment. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can assist your project.