High voltage cable expert
IKM Elektro performs cable services on behalf of shipping companies, wind farms, the oil and 
gas industry, hydropower plants, power stations, and other heavy industries. We provide 
High Voltage cable Installation services through our project and installation teams who have 
extensive experience and knowledge with regards to engineering and installation of cable 
ladders and support structures, as well as pulling, installation, and termination of 
high voltage cables. 

Cable jointing services
Cable Jointing of high voltage cables is a critical and important task. IKM Elektro is specialized in providing High Voltage Cable Jointing services. We carry out Cable Jointing on a large number of different high voltage cable types. Our highly experienced technicians are trained to current up-to-date technologies such as cold shrink, heat shrink, cold applied, products from various manufacturers, including but not limited to Raychem, Ensto, Prysmian, Nexans, Tyco, Euromold and Pfisterer joints and terminations. 

In addition to the above, IKM Elektro can also carry out the earthing system philosophy, 
and provide design, calculation, and installation of earthing systems related to 
high voltage installations.

Cable Installation