Motor overhaul/repair

Focusing on every detail

IKM Elektro combines skilled project managers, mechanical and electrical engineers with talented professionals, to ensure qualified inspection and diagnosis of electrical rotary equipment. Based on any findings, the equipment is rectified and repaired before being assembled and verified. As an ABB Service Provider, we offer sales, support and service according to the ABB Value Provider Program. IKM Elektro has a number of test stations that can simulate conditions from DC to 200Hz AC, and voltage up to 4.2 kV. For larger machines, secondary testing facilities are used.

Motor overhaling / vedlikehold

Motor service/Motor maintenance 
We always recommend performing an inspection and diagnosis of the electrical rotating equipment, so that all parties have a clear and common understanding of identified faults and defects that need to be rectified.        

In the workshop the standard method will be as follows: 

1. Inspection/diagnosis:             
    - Disassembly, cleaning, evaluation and diagnosis. 
    - Finally, an inspection report is produced. 

Based on the findings and recommendations from the inspection report, and with agreement from the customer to rectify nonconformity, the following elements may apply: 

2. Standard overhaul:             
Replacement of bearings and seals, cleaning of junction boxes, and standard surface treatment. 

3. Rewinding:                 
New winding, VPI impregnation and drying. 

4. Exd repair:                 
Repair of Exd flameproof joint on motor. 

5. Exe junction box:             
Renewal of Exe junction box on motor, including new gaskets and necessary accessories. 

6. Fan and fan cover:             
Repair or replacement of the corresponding fan and fan cover. 

7. Norsok surface treatment:        
Perform additional surface treatment in accordance with Norsok M-501

8. Ex recertification:         
Recertification, documentation and new rating plate 

9. Additional mechanical repair:         
Varying degrees of necessary machining, repair of bearing housing, etc. 
When overhaul and repair work is completed, the machine is assembled and verified in the last phase; 

10. Assembly and completion test:         
Assembly, inspection and test, repair report and documentation, and preparation for transport. 

Service for generator and heavy rotating equipment 
Preventive maintenance is planned in relation to the operating and environmental conditions affecting both motors and generators. The main reason motors and generators fail is wear and ageing of components during normal operation. At unexpected times. Component defects can also cause secondary damage to critical parts, such as stators and rotors. It is therefore important that steps are taken to avoid defects when possible. Through our qualified and certified service engineers, we use best practices and the latest technology to keep the customer's equipment in good condition. 

ABB service provider 
Sales, support, service and technical partnership for growth and value innovation. The ABB Value Provider Program is a global partner program for distributors, wholesalers, panel builders, installers, service providers, OEM manufacturers or system integrators. Authorized members of this premium program are called ABB authorized value providers. 

The approval program is a procedure to ensure that the services the customer receives from ABB authorized partners are of the same leading level as the quality of ABB products, both globally and locally. Since IKM Elektro was awarded ABB certification in 2015, we have a thorough knowledge of the local markets and a good understanding of the defined ABB products and their processes. 

Engineering support 
Through a good combination of project managers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, we ensure successful project implementation. We want to be our customers' preferred partner by offering services and personnel who have a good combination of practical and theoretical experience. Through close collaboration with our customers we provide value creation through all phase of the project, and are proud to offer a wide range of services - including inspection, maintenance, overhaul, and repair of electrical rotating equipment. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can assist your project. 

Test station 
We can simulate conditions from DC to 200Hz AC, and voltage up to 4.2 kV on motors and transformers. The upper limit for VFD is 300A at 400V. IKM Elektro also has agreements with secondary testing facilities for testing larger machines, where voltages of up to 10kV are available. 

All testing performed on rotating Ex machines and other equipment is in accordance with NEK 420 and IEC 60034.

Example of tests that can be performed:

  • Winding analysis
  • Continuity (resistance)
  • DC Megger at 5kV
  • Polarisation index
  • DC step voltage at 12kV
  • Dielectric measurements
  • Zoss angle
  • Insulation (effective life calculation for high voltage motors) 

Winding workshop 
In case of damage to windings, IKM Elektro can offer rewinding of motors and generators. 

Vacuum impregnation of windings (VPI) 
VPI can prolong the life of the machine and in some cases reduce the need for maintenance. The method provides the best protection against all external influences, such as oil, moisture, salt and chemicals.