We offer several different courses in non-electric ignition sources. The courses are made for different groups who will perform different tasks, and take in account the new recommendations in EX-COMP: 2021 «Guideline for training personnel, who perform work related to electrical installations and electrical equipment, or are in connection with installations in potentially explosive atmospheres»  

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Introduction of non-electric ignition sources and requirements for non-electrical equipment on installation

To help our customers we have several courses to better understand the practical challenges that non-electrical ignition sources on installations have. They are available both on E-Learning and live with instructor. Our live course, available on Teams, will give your technical personnel a thorough introduction to basic principles, how equipment is certified, and identification of hazards on installation with recommended actions.

To accommodate the need for a broader elevation of competence on installations with personnel on many locations and different availabilities, we made our online e-learning course. A cost-efficient way of making sure that basic principles and understanding of how hazards on an installation can be identified and improved. This is especial important to lift the basic competence of persons without any general EX competence, witch still works in hazardous areas. This can be roughnecks, roustabouts etc.

Maintenance of non-electrical equipment

This course is made especially for people without Ex experience that shall perform maintenance of non-electrical equipment, that may be an ignition source.

Course for personnel that shall design/ buy equipment for oil installations

This course applies for people that shall design and buy non-electrical equipment that shall be placed in hazardous area. The course goes through requirements for where non-electrical equipment can be installed and the correct Ex marking for this equipment.