Design, Engineering, Installation, and Project Management

IKM Elektro provides full turnkey electrical high voltage project services, as well as taking 
sub-contractor responsibility for individual work packages on major high voltage projects. 
We cover all aspects of the electrical project from the initial planning and surveys to the design, engineering, construction, installation, project management, testing, and commissioning for both new installation and refurbishments of older high voltage electrical installations. 
Design, Engineering, Installation, and Project Management

Cost-effective solution

Our highly experienced High Voltage technicians, engineers, and project management team are experienced in developing cost-effective engineering solutions and electrical design options that are practical and in compliance with customer’s and authorities’ expectations. We have extensive experience in leading and running projects and ensure the project’s success by performing to plan, design criteria, environmental requirements, and completing the project safely, within budget. 

Low risk and high quality

We assess the risks associated with both multidisciplinary projects and pure electrotechnical 
projects. Our priority is to mitigate any associated risks during the project preparation, 
construction, installation, and commissioning stage. Assessment of the project engineering is 
carried out to mitigate associated electrical and multidiscipline project risks. We do this by 
conducting site surveys, assessing and evaluating technical and environmental issues, such as the condition of the current installation, to provide the optimal technical solution for the customer.