Installations on oil production platforms typically encounter challenges with scale and deposits of heavier hydrocarbons.

Chemical cleaning or de-fouling is the process of removing “fouling deposits” using chemical solutions.

De-fouling may be entirely chemical, using acids or caustics, but may also be assisted by physical means using solvents, steam, or hot water. De-fouling operations must be conducted in such a way that they do not lead to unacceptable pollution of the environment.

IKM Ocean Team has developed equipment, methods, and technologies that efficiently clean a wide variety of systems, including produced water, closed cooling water, seawater cooling, black water (vacuum toilets), grey water, flow lines, drains, pipes, vessels, coolers, heat exchangers, and other components. Many of our technologies can be used for “live-systems” without having to stop production. We clean the systems chemically using a controlled process based on meticulous measurement of the contamination type. IKM Ocean Team’s chemical cleaning systems preserves the pipes and prevents new deposits from forming and the onset of corrosion.

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Many of our technologies can be used for “live-systems” without having to stop production.

We have designed equipment and formulated chemicals that are perfect for our operations. Our clients know that we are experienced in the development of equipment and customized solutions and that we provide our services on the basis of long-term relationships between personnel from each company who are highly experienced in their own specific areas. When offering tailored solutions, we work very closely with customers, often directly with the operators themselves.

We offer Clean-In-Place (CIP) technologies, allowing us to clean applications 100% without having to manually dismantle the system. With respect to efficiency, IKM Ocean Team constantly focuses on streamlining its operations in order to improve the quality of our services, ensure cost savings for clients and enhance the health and safety of our employees. An effective business is a safe business.

As our tailored solutions are based on many years of experience, they ensure fast turnaround and substantial time savings. In addition, the relatively few people involved in the process also cuts costs and leads to improved efficiency. We see many opportunities for our Chemical De-fouling Program in the industry as almost all installations on oil production platforms encounter typical problems with scale and deposits of heavier hydrocarbons.

The chemicals used by IKM Ocean Team have several specific advantages over similar chemicals. Besides allowing simpler equipment and treatment processes, they also simplify the disposal of spent chemicals, reduce the hazards involved and minimize the risk of unwanted chemical action within the system. Such advantages reduce not only the direct cost of the job but also peripheral costs and problems, which are not always accounted for.