Flow loop systems simulate real-life conditions​​​​​​​ for you to collect needed data.

IKM Ocean Team's flow loop systems simulate real-life conditions, generating empirical data for a variety of applications. Unlike theoretical or computational methods, our systems deliver reliable results for risk assessment, investment decision-making, process adjustment decisions, optimization research, and more. 

Research & Development
A view of our flow loop plant.

Trust our experts to provide tailored solutions that offer unmatched quality, reliability, and affordability. 

We offer products and services within the following categories based on your needs:

  • Gas flow loops
  • Liquid flow loops
  • Multiphase flow loops
  • Corrosion analysis flow loops
  • Mineral Scale flow loops (for benchmarking mineral scale mitigation actions)

Research & Development
Experts develop, test and generate data for our clients.

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