Ultrasonic Cleaning

Dislodging of dirt from the surfaces of critical components, gently, environmentally friendly, and effective!

Impurities, such as metal fragments, are harmful to technical systems. Dirt in the moving parts reduces performance, increases the risk of downtime, and shortens service life.

IKM Ocean Team specializes in providing total purification solutions for technical systems. Our latest weapon against dirt is ultrasound!

The principle is simple: The technical component is placed in a bath where ultrasound is applied, generating mechanical vibrations which releases the dirt from the components.
Simple, logical, and extremely effective.

The entire process is also environmentally friendly as the fluid is biodegradable and all impurities gather in the fluid.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Wind
The ultrasonic cleaning vessel is located at IKM Ocean Team's workshop facilities.

Large Bath

IKM Ocean Team has one of Denmark’s largest ultrasonic facilities. In the bath we can handle units up to:

Length: 1000 mm
Width:     500 mm
Depth:    500 mm

IKM Ocean Team’s Ultrasonic Purification Service can be Used for:

  • All types of components for hydraulic and lubrication oil systems
  • Most components for transmission and process systems
  • Valve blocks
  • Fittings
  • Pump parts
  • Turbine components

Download flyer – Ultrasonic Cleaning

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