For heat exchangers and other up-stream process systems, the HP water jet system might be the best alternative to chemical cleaning.

In the chemical and refining industries, the cleaning of heat exchangers and other up-stream process systems is a full-time job where mechanization is called for due to increasing plan sizes, stricter quality requirements, tighter safety regulations and constantly increasing shut-down costs.

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Adequate water pressure and flow must be established for each cleaning operation.

High-pressure water jet cleaning is the most common method of conventional mechanical cleaning for many purposes. IKM Ocean Team often uses HP water jet technology to complete, or as an alternative for, chemical cleaning. For instance, systems which contain deposits of coke or sulphate scale are difficult to clean with chemical methods as long reaction times are necessary. In such applications, IKM Ocean Team’s HP water jet system is the best alternative.

The water jet impacts the deposits, breaking through to the underlying metal surface and lifting off the debris. To obtain optimum results, adequate water pressure and flow must be established for each cleaning operation.

Incorrect use of HP water jetting equipment can, however, be extremely dangerous and all IKM Ocean Team’s operators are therefore well trained in the safe use of such equipment and wear protective clothing. Besides performing risk assessments, IKM Ocean Team prepares special procedures, including measures to protect personnel and the environment, together with the costumer before start of work. These procedures are always carefully followed by our operators during completion of the project.