Umbilical and Control Line Flushing

Oil flushing of high-velocity diversified umbilical and control-lines.

Umbilical and control-lines cannot be flushed by the conventional methods offered by IKM Ocean Team for pipes, tubes, etc. The inside diameter of umbilical and control-lines can be as little as 4 mm. (0.16”). Combined with a length of say 6,500 mtr. (21.325’), the total pressure drop when using turbulent oil flow cannot be equalised using conventional equipment.

Products and Services O&GThe patented method of cleaning systems consisting of pipes with small inner diameters and at huge lengths applies to many industries.

The problem can be solved by changing the flushing fluid, thereby obtaining a more favourable viscosity and/or density, depending on the job. By halving the viscosity, for example, pressure drop is reduced by a factor 4(!). Although adjusting the viscosity and/or density may sound easy, the flushing fluid must be capable of carrying the impurities out of the umbilical while flushing. Using the right fluid at the right temperature and pressure is essential for achieving “Total Purity”.

IKM Ocean Team has developed a patented method to clean systems consisting of pipes with small inner diameters (below a quarter inch) and huge lengths (more than 6,500 metres), see the article under Super Critical CO2.