IKM Ocean Team’s on-site oil analysis program makes it possible for you to get a quick and reliable picture of the health of your system.

Immediate Analysis Results

By use of our mobile analysis kit, we are able to both extracting and analysing oil samples on the spot. Within short time our engineers are able to identify, what is causing trouble in your system, and what actions are to be made.

IKM Ocean Team Windcare
Oil analysis may be performed on the spot to ensure a prober flushing during the campaign.

Particle Identification and System Wear

Identification of the type of contamination in an oil sample can be of great help in diagnosing system wear. Our engineers are highly trained and qualified in particle identification, and can provide a full diagnosis, including advice and suggested action plan for system improvements.

Our On-site Program Include:

  • Representative oil sample extraction according to ISO 4021 and ISO 3722 standards
  • Electronic counting of particles according to ISO 4406
  • Analysis according to ISO 4407 by means of optical microscope
  • Analysis according to AS 4059 — American standard
  • Analysis of oil and diesel for presence of micro organic and bacteria growth

Download flyer – On-site Oil Analysis Program

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