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All provided information originates from many years of experience working on and offshore. It provides insight in challenges experienced by the industry on a daily basis, while handling oil & gas systems. Challenges, IKM Ocean Team’s experienced specialists can help solve. We listen and contribute with knowledge beneficial for your systems in the long run!

IKM Ocean Team offer a wide variety of well-known, innovative, and customized technologies and maintenance services. Should your concerns extend across several areas of business, a browse through these sections might provide insight from or answers to similar situations. We want to make it easy for you to identify with the common Industry. If you experience a concern, you might not be the only one?

IKM Ocean Team case stories are available here. 

Our cases introduce you to IKM Ocean Team's solutions and services already applied to other companies, optimizing their systems and saving them considerable amounts of time and money.

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We consider no task too small or too big and recognize that cleanliness within systems is not just about products and services; It is a way of thinking!!