Air Blowing / Purging and Drying

The service removes debris resulting from fabrication, storage, and installation to system components for meeting the acceptance criteria.

For IKM Ocean Team, a successful flushing operation means that system components and piping meet acceptance criteria in a minimum of time with a minimum of effort. To remove debris resulting from fabrication, storage, and installation, sites should subject the system to air purging / blowing during the installation process.

Piping should be subjected to heavy air purging / blowing during initial fit-up and prior to final installation, or prior to oil flushing operations. Air is usually supplied by temporary high-capacity air compressors because the permanent air compressors do not normally have sufficient capacity. IKM Ocean Team is able to provide this service in close cooperation with P.S.E. International (Pipeline Services & Engineering International).

Together with P.S.E. International, IKM Ocean Team can design, supply, and service air purging / blowing and drying equipment for the pre-cleaning and drying of all kinds of pipes in the oil and gas industries. Our method of air purging / blowing and drying is well acknowledged and has been used for many kilometres of pipeline and processing systems with diameters from DN50 to DN1400 all over the world.