A cleaner, more robust operation of the hydraulic and lubrication systems extends expected performance and equipment life.

Cleanliness issues during manufacture, installation, and commissioning can cause delays in delivery, performance degradation, and unit damage. The best practices we have developed over the years have reduced the time we take to supply a cleaner, more robust system. Applying such practices is vital for obtaining expected performance and equipment life.

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Dirt found inside production assets before finishing our cleaning procedures.

The purpose of flushing is to remove contamination, which is either inherent or introduced during system assembly from the insides of pipes and components. Decontamination is accomplished by passing fluid through the system, usually at a velocity much higher than during normal operation.

Flushing is a vital procedure for the satisfactory operation and life of the hydraulic and lubrication systems. If flushing is omitted or limited, it will inevitably lead to rapid wear on components, malfunction, and possible breakdown. Hydraulic and lubrication systems are very diverse, both in size and complexity. However, thanks to our many years of experience, IKM Ocean Team has designed and developed a wide program of flushing technologies, methods, and units, capable of meeting the ever-increasing requirements on cleanliness from component and system suppliers.