Research & Development

IKM Ocean Team offer a broad variety of services related to Research and Development projects.

Prototype Building and Testing
Creating and testing working models to validate product or system designs.

Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering
This service involves using principles of engineering to design, analyze, and optimize systems or products that involve electrical, chemical, or mechanical components. 

Design, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Testing of Process Equipment
Providing end-to-end support for the development and implementation of new process equipment.

Material Compatibility Studies
Enhance your understanding of the interaction between different materials and chemicals. Choose the right materials for specific applications and avoid unintended downtime or system failure. 

Feasibility Studies
Identifying potential risks, estimating costs and timelines, and determining whether a project is worth pursuing.

Project Management
Overseeing the planning, execution, and delivery of a project. This can include managing budgets, timelines, resources, and stakeholders to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Technical Documentation
creating clear and comprehensive documentation of technical information related to a product or system. This can include user manuals, technical specifications, engineering drawings, and other documentation that can help users understand and work with the product.

Data Generation
Generating and analyzing data related to a product or system. This can include collecting data during testing, analyzing data to identify patterns or trends, and using data to inform decisions about the design or implementation of the product or system.

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