Faster and safer flange make-up or break-out by hydraulic bolt tensioning services.

IKM Ocean Team’s hydraulic bolt tensioning services get the job done faster, better, and safer, thereby minimizing costs and downtime. In addition, the risk of work-related injury is dramatically reduced during flange make-up or break-out. Using tensioners and link hoses, we can tension or de-tension all studs simultaneously from the safety of the operator console at the pump unit, speeding up the process, eliminating pinch point injuries and ensuring precise and equally distributed clamping pressure.

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IKM Ocean Team offers full bolt tensioning services to cover most applications.

 We have a complete line of bolt tensioning equipment in-house and technicians with many years’ experience in bolt tensioning.

Our services include: pre-job walk-throughs, safety meetings, bolt tensioning services, and final job reports including tensioning certificate.