Satisfactory operation of hydraulic and lube oil systems e.g., gears and pitches is supported by oil flushing with pulsed and turbulent flow.

Flushing is a vital procedure for a satisfactory operation and life of hydraulic and lube oil systems. If flushing is omitted or limited, this will inevitably lead to rapid component wear, mal-function and at last breakdown.

IKM Ocean Team Windcare
Using the SOCOT concept, an flushing with turbulent flow is enabled.

Hydraulic and lubrication systems e.g., gears and pitches, are very diverse, both in size and complexity. However, thanks to our many years of experience, IKM Ocean Team has designed and developed a wide program of flushing technologies, methods, and units capable of meeting the ever-increasing requirements on cleanliness of components.

IKM Ocean Team Windcare
Also the SOCOTFlexPlus® concept avails a flushing with turbulent flow conditions.

Efficient Flushing with Turbulent Flow
Oil flushing is more than just circulating oil through a filter – a so called “polishing” process. Polishing will clean the oil but not the system. An efficient flushing requires turbulent flow in order to dislodge impurities deposited on the inside of the system. Flushing with turbulent flow cleans both the fluid and the system.


  • Totally clean and reliable system
  • Minimization of maintenance costs
  • Minimization of system failures and breakdowns
  • Extended system life time

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