Vacuum De-hydration Program

Removal of water contamination by vacuum and heat on hydroelectric powerplants and steam turbines using fixed or mobile solutions.

In hydroelectric power plants and steam turbines, water is the most common contaminant. The presence of water in oil promotes oxidation, corrosion, sludge formation, foaming, and additive depletion, generally, reducing the oil’s effectiveness and lifetime.

IKM Ocean Team’s vacuum dehydration systems circulate hydraulic and lubricating oils in a loop or off-line circuit, where water, dirt, and gases are removed by the application of a vacuum and heat during full production. Systems are available as fixed installations or mobile solutions and are easy and economical to use.

Our dehydration conditioning technology removes 100% of free water and as much as 80% of dissolved water. It also removes 100% of free and entrained gases and up to 80% of dissolved gases. Particle removal is achieved using a 3 µm high beta rated (> 200) filter element to polish the fluid before discharging it back to the system reservoir.

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Presence of water in oil promotes oxidation, corrosion, sludge formation, and additive depletion, reducing the oil’s effectiveness and lifetime.

Where high water ingress occurs, our dehydration systems can remove up to 25 ltr. per day. The actual water removal rate depends on many factors, including system design, oil type, temperature, viscosity, water content, emulsion stability, and additives.

The Vacuum Dehydration System Offers a Wide Range of Potential Savings:

  • Extension of fluid life
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced fluid changing times
  • Minimised corrosion within fluid systems

Through many years’ experience, IKM Ocean Team has accumulated vast knowledge of water removal from hydraulic and lubrication oil systems during full production and is able to provide vacuum dehydration units, heating equipment, and services to suit most applications.