Off-line Oil Filtration Program

External filters increase purity and quality of oil in reservoirs.

In addition to the in-line filter in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems, it is generally beneficial to condition the oil using an external filter unit, e.g., for oil filling and off-line filtering of oil in reservoir during full production.

With an independent extra-fine filtering (off-line filter unit), the purity and quality of the oil and plant will be improved in relation to regular filtering (in-line filter). Fine particles in particular will be absorbed, avoiding early wear and tear of system components and prolonging the life of the oil.

To prevent negative and uncontrolled effects on the hydraulic and lubricating oil system through the use of contaminated handling and decanting methods, and to prevent contamination of the system through the addition of new oil which is not completely clean, oil should always be filled through a fine filter in an external filtering unit.

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An independent extra-fine filtering improves the purity and quality of the oil and plant.

Further Advantages of Using an Off-line Filter Unit Include:

  • The possibility of replacing elements without stopping the system.
  • The large capacity of the filter elements
  • The possibility of using the filter for filling and draining the system.
  • A water-absorbing filter can be integrated with a particle filter element, providing a filter unit capable of absorbing fine particles and condensed moisture.

IKM Ocean Team develops, manufactures, and hires out all kinds of standard and custom-built off-line filtration units and services for most applications, in safe or hazardous (Zone I & II) areas.